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It's me, xland this week! :3

We've made lots of progress on the mod side of the project, the past two weeks (In addition to a new coder who's done some cool stuff).
First off, Alecoz2, our best modeler, made a monster featured in the light novels, the <<Wind Wasp>>.
This monster can be found in the second floor, and has an 8% chance of dropping a Wind Wasp Needle.
That's all I can say for now without spoiling too much. On the right side of the page (Below the shoutbox) is the poll section. Be sure to tell us which version you like more - Blocky or smooth!

Kudos to alecoz for the amazing wind wasp models!
Think I'm done talking about Alecoz? Well you're wrong. He also made a teleport gate!

In addition to models, we've also begun working on a player database. The database shall contain lots of handy info, both for moderators, and for players. It will contain leaderboards (Such as 'top 10 most popular guilds,' 'Highest level player," etc.
Each player will have a page showing it's stats, name, appearance, etc.
Guilds will have pages showing the number of members, which members, the guild rating (Which is decided through a complicated formula) and such.
We've already began working on it. For now, everything has to be added manually, though we will later be adding the API to the server to make it add players & guilds to the database automatically. We may post a picture or two next week.

In addition to guild database, we've made a new skill that can only be unlocked/leveled up by guild leaders.
Basically, the skill, <<Influence>>, affects the member cap of your guild. The skill gains 2% exp every 50 hours in which the member cap is maxed out. If you kick/expel a member from the guild, you lose 2% exp for that skill. Don't worry though, you won't de-level from kicking members - It only allows you to kick a member if you already have 2% in Influence.
If a member is kicked or leaves the guild, the clock is reset - You'll need to wait another 50 hours.
[Coder] Lokiite11 I'm taking the lead on the player database, and it's a pretty impressive thing! I am very excited for the potential this ...
[Melonz] Alecoz2 :3 d'awww. you flatter me.
[Build] Immortal_State omg.... the teleport gate is so amazing o_O

Minecraft's Servers.

[Owner] _IHVD admin posted Apr 8, 14
I would like to take this rare moment of a mid-weelky post to announce something VERY important.

As you might have known, the servers to Mojang's games are down, as a result of some severe security issues.

One of the Mojangsta's has announced on his Twitter Account, and I will quote: "
If you logged in to any of our games or websites in the last 24 hours using your username+password I'd recommend you to change your password"

This being said, please change your Password in order to keep your account Safe and Protected, and to prevent any further damage to your account.

Please share this message so that everyone will be informed.

Your Lovely Overlord,
[Build] cloud342 Oh God, I'm afraid I'm late to this... incident...
[Owner] _IHVD admin Happy to have notified you ^_^
[Mod] Yoshi_Junior Thanks Kris, I probably wouldn't of noticed without this ...
Weeeelllll.... I am bringing my 2 year old Lego Mod back to life... If anyone wants to find it there is a link on this "here" word.

We got a new coder... I am waiting for someone to pick up the Word Game again...
Does anyone want to play my Arcade Space Shooter? If so, I will put a link in the comments...

OW! Right... I have to talk about MCSAO here...
Our build server is back up... Thank you Johnnei...

Ehm... We got some donations a few days ago... Thank you donators...
Posts are hard to make when there is nothing to write about...

Wait a second... there is something...
I might be starting to make videos about me playing games with people from the community :)
We are making 1 video a year at the moment, and I would like to increase that number (Mainly because of the ads) (So that we can get more money).
Because I think it would be nice to make some random videos once in a while, just to show people that we are actually, atleast, doing something...
Another boring post with nothing special to post about...

Your Lovely Overlord,
[Build] kabbra another amazing post by Kris
[Member] The_New_Kirito If you need help i am glad to. I am in a TV production class and we have access to good programs!
[Owner] _IHVD admin Thank you, I am good in writing posts
Hey there everyone! 
Last week there was no post. This week however, we've got lots of new changes to the project.

 We've stopped waiting for the server host (It's still DDOSed!). Instead, we found our most recent backup and will host it 24/7 from one of our trusted IRL friends' PC. In addition, me and Kris are starting to work on a wiki for the mod. The wiki will be player-editable past the closed beta, but for now, only me and IHVD (Kris) have access to it.
In addition, remember that merge we talked about a few posts back? The site is going along well. We just need to change the background & logo, and aesthetically the site is ready. The link to the site can be found here
[Member] The_New_Kirito Same, me and my sis are planning on making our own Aincrad too! I was looking up tips and servers and found this.
[Member] lunamoon05 Hello im new but i was wondering is the server open or not?? Reply back soon. And thanks in advance
[Member] spellbreaker12 Funny thing is I found that site when I was looking for SAO maps, for a friends server XD
Hellu everyone!

Today, I have nothing exciting to tell you... so I will just throw random things at you today.

We are almost on 400 USERS! 
Thats amazing!
We are currently on 396, but since it is that close to 400, I just call it 400 users.
Mention us to all your friends, and be sure to follow us on Twitter so that you will be up to date with the latest post :)

While having almost 400 users, we also have some cool statistics to throw at you.
Our forum has 212 Threads, 2,612 posts, and 49 Thousand views!
We can do way better than that.

Let's set up a competition here.
I want you guys and girls to reach 250 Threads, 3,000 posts and 50 Thousand views.

There are some rules to this:
1) No Doubleposting.
2) Basically every current rule that has been set up will also be applied here.
3) Do not start spamming useless posts to any thread. They have to be on topic with the Thread.
4) Be Original. Do not copy someone else's, or your own, post. Think of something that you came up with yourself.

Anyone who manages to get the most posts will be... I don't know... Mentioned on the news column?

I hope that I do not get people warned too much by this... and hopefully you will keep your common sense and stick to the rules...

Have a great day,

Your Lovely Overlord,

p.s, I will not be held responsible for any warnings/bans/flames/fights on this competition. Enter this competition on your own risk!
[Member] awesomeface399 I heard you need people for your server and i would LOVE to join it im a big sao fan and i and respectful and upbeat I c ...
[Build] Immortal_State Congraz Everyone! 400 users Sounds amazing but I really hope we get more people ...
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Yoshi: "Pineapple" Me: "Spineapples, mmm tasty." (they're made of people's spines) Ray: "Tentacle apples---wut?"
Watermelon? on Pizza??!!
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